How to help Ukraine

So Russia attacked and the open war became reality for Ukraine.

Stand with Ukraine


It's tragic and it's difficult to believe that all this suffering that a nation experience now is due to the ambitions of one psychopath.

Russian army greatly outnumber the defenders of Ukraine, but, surprisingly we did not give up much territory yet.

One of the problem is our border with Russia and Belarus is extensive, so aggressor has huge space for maneuver.  Kyiv, our capital, is way to close to the border.

I think most of you know about what exactly going on in Ukraine from the news, and I don't feel like saying much, except clearing the fact that Ukraine is my motherland. 

If you feel like helping Ukraine with more than the prayer, here are some ways in which you can do it:

Ukraine needs support from leading country to pressure aggressor with sanctions. 

It seems like Putin just insane! But hopefully, even he can fell the gender of economic collapse. 

I know, some sanctions are already in place. But, ironically, the Russian stock market had growth today (Feb25). It collapsed in the day of attack, but bounced back in response to weak sanctions. 

Putin can't be stopped by banning his friend from traveling to US. That's joke. 

Ban Russia from SWIFT, impose trading embargo - that's more reasonable response to open military agression.

 By advocating those kind of sanctions you can truly help Ukraine. Re-post it, tag your president/prime minister, let them see it's a popular opinion. 

 There are couple of ways you financially aid Ukraine. - biggest Ukrainian NGO that that works in the war zone. - here is the the fast link to their secured payment link. I checked it - it worked. - here is the ministry of defense page, there are accounts to donate there. I'm afraid it has to go through the bank, there is no easy click and pay button. - Here is yet another NGO accounts.



Ban Russia From SWIFT

This posters ask NATO to shelter the sky above Ukraine, as Russian air force are to much to handle for Ukrainian aid defense system


The author of this blog Andriy Yanovych, is Ukrainian, currently living abroad. 

It so happens, my wife Oksana is a russian-speaking Ukrainina from Doneck region. In his propaganda Putin says he protects russian-speaking population that was discriminated. Oksana would laugh out laud being called discriminated. 

Only she doesn't laugh these days. 

What Putin does is truly tragic!